The App That Reminds You To
Check-In With Your Loved Ones.

Stay Connected

In a busy world, a regular Check In sends peace of mind to your loved ones without having to text or call.

Not a Tracking Device

Doing Fine respects your desire to remain independent. We do not track your location.

Stay Updated

Check-In as often as you’d like. Your loved ones receive a text message when you check-in and if you don’t.

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Easy to Set Up and Use

Download and set up in minutes. Set a schedule for your Check-Ins. When you tap “Check In Now,” your contacts are notified you are Doing Fine. It's really that easy!

Protects Your Privacy

Doing Fine cares about your privacy. We will never sell your data. Ever.

Customize Messages

Coming Soon! Set custom messages for your Check Ins, including an address or destination. If you miss a Check In, this information will be sent to your loved ones.

How it Works

Once you've downloaded the app, you'll be walked through the setup process. It's really simple, but if you need extra help, please watch this video. If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact us.


Important to Us

Connection: Whether you’re over 65 and living alone, a military veteran adjusting to life after service, or a young person away at college, too many of us feel isolated and lonely in today’s world.

Doing Fine helps people feel connected by reminding them to check in with their loved ones. We knew we were onto something special when one of the most common observations from both users of the app and receivers of the check-in, was how connected the simple act of checking in made them feel. Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference.


Privacy: From the beginning, we also heard how important privacy was to our customers. We are committed to protecting that privacy so that our users can maintain a sense of independence. In our current version we have no location tracking.

Privacy isn’t just about location tracking, it’s also about what we do with your data. We promise we will never sell your email to third parties and we will never sell your personal statistical data to anyone.


Who Needs It?

Anyone who is on your mind but not nearby. Maybe you live alone, or know someone who does. Did you know that 40 million people live alone in the US?

People Living Alone

Regardless of age, if you live alone, you may worry about something happening with no one knowing. Doing Fine provides peace of mind with every check in.

Young Adults

Your kids go away to college or move to a city away from home. They want their independence, but you want to know they are safe. Doing Fine provides peace of mind.

Business Travelers

Traveling alone can be intimidating. Changes in your schedule can make it difficult to find time to call loved ones. Doing Fine makes checking in as easy as possible.

Support Our Veterans

Doing Fine was created with veterans in mind. We hope to help veterans trying to reacclimate to civilian life and those who may be living on their own. With every subscription purchased, a veteran receives a free subscription to Doing Fine.

Pricing Plans

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One Month

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First 3 Months Free

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One Year

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