What is Doing Fine and how is it different?

Doing Fine sends peace of mind to your loved ones with the simple touch of a button. The platform allows users to receive and send check-in notifications on a daily basis with family and friends, all without tracking your location or invading your privacy.  

How does Doing Fine work? 

After downloading the app and registering your device, you will be prompted to choose your subscription choice. From there, you’ll be directed to the “Manage Check-In” page where you can set up your first check-in. For more information on how to set up your first check-in, please refer to the following video on Facebook. 

How much does Doing Fine cost?

Doing Fine currently offers two subscription choices – monthly and annual. The monthly subscription costs $2.99/month and the annual subscription costs $29.99/year. Prior to paying for Doing Fine, you’ll receive a 14-day trial.

How many times per day can I check in?

You may check in as many times a day as you’d like with various individuals or groups. Each check-in per group/individual must be scheduled at least 30 minutes apart. 

Does Doing Fine track my location?  

No, we believe that you should enjoy your privacy and therefore, we do not track your location. 

Who can I check in with?

You may check in with either a single individual or a group. A group may consist of several people, such as your parents, children, or closest friends. To set up a check in with a an indiviudal or group, refer to the following instructions: 

  1. Visit the “Manage Check In” page and click “Add Check In”
  2. Click “Who to Notify?” and tap the “+” sign next to Check Ins. 
  3. Name your individual or group as desired, then hit save.
  4. Hit the “+” sign next to your group name and add your desired contacts that you’d like to check in with. 

How do I stop a check-in? 

To pause or delete a check-in, please go to the “Scheduled Check-Ins” page by tapping on the “Manage Check-Ins” button on the Homepage. To pause a check-in, please swipe the green toggle next to the name of the group you wish to pause for. To delete a check-in, click EDIT in the upper left corner. From there, you’ll see a red dot appear – click on the red dot > delete.

It appears that I’m not receiving notifications, yet my contacts are receiving missed check-in SMS messages. How do I fix this?

In the event that you are not receiving notifications and your contacts are being notified that you’ve missed a check-in, please ensure you have enabled persistent notifications for Doing Fine. To enable persistent notifications on your iOS device, go to Settings > Notifications > Banner Style > Persistent. If you are still not receiving notifications, please contact us info@doingfineapp.com.

What should I do in the event of a missed check-in?

Prior to using the app, make sure that you have established protocol with those you’re checking with in the event that a check-in gets missed. 

What is an Unscheduled Check In?

An unscheduled check-in allows for any Doing Fine user to check-in at any time outside of set check-in schedules.

How do I cancel my Doing Fine subscription? 

You may cancel your Doing Fine subscription by going to Settings>Apple ID>Subscriptions>Doing Fine>Cancel Subscription. In the event that you do cancel your description, Doing Fine will still function until your next billing date. 

If you have other questions or concerns please contact us at info@DoingFineApp.com.